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Last Look - Oil posts a $2.28 weekly gain | Gas finishes lower for a second consecutive week amid easing June temperatures
Latest Insight
Last Look - Oil posts a $2.28 weekly gain | Gas finishes lower for a second consecutive week amid easing June temperatures


Elevate Your Commodity Trading with Automated & Modular SaaS E/CTRM

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Simplify your risk management tasks with seamless tracking, trading, and reporting.

Choose which powerful built-in tools are needed to mitigate risk effectively and efficiently.

Enjoy the features you need with a flexible framework that grows with your business.

The E/CTRM solution your team will love. 

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AEGIS CTRM key benefits


Instantly capture and value trades in a controlled and secure environment with APIs, audit trails and dynamic data modeling.


Delivered in the cloud on a dedicated server.  The AEGIS CTRM is deployed quickly with low risk.


Infinitely user-configurable with easy integration to other 3rd party systems.


Designed to seamlessly grow with your business with no costly upgrades or reconfiguration.



Modern E/CTRM designed for the future

live in 24 hours

Implementation in a matter of weeks 

unlimited users


upgrades imcluded


hedging roadmap


cloud based

cloud based

robust cybersecurity

Commodities we cover



Natural Gas




Jet Fuel

Interest Rates

Foreign Exchange

Manage your data better

Front Office

Capture all physical and financial deals in one solution.

Middle Office

Manage your positions in real-time and run risk-scenarios to determine the best hedging strategies.

Back Office

Settle trades, reconcile accounts, and produce month-end accounting reports.

Excel & Power BI Integrations

Excel integration connects your existing spreadsheets to AEGIS CTRM. Using Excel’s Power Query tools you can shape the data to fit perfectly into your spreadsheets. It also works with other BI tools including Power BI.

API Connectivity

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allow software systems to interact with each other. AEGIS API makes it possible for developers to easily integrate with any existing ETRM, ERP, or 3rd party system.


Resources can be added to meet a short-term requirement and removed when that requirement has been met. This flexibility adds to the cost effectiveness, allowing you to pay only for what you need, when you need it.


Access to our out-of-the-box cloud solutions can be enabled quickly and easily, cutting the lead time required to be up and running with a new system. With AEGIS CTRM'S fast implementation combined with your reduced cost of ownership, it's easier to deliver value to your business.

Data Security

We are is committed to keeping the highest standards. Keeping your data safe through continuous investments. All AEGIS applications and client data reside entirely within Amazon’s secure AWS environment. Read More.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Designed to easily adapt to your business without the costly reconfiguration that would come with an on-site software installation. No more hardware and software infrastructure required-ensuring a significant reduction in the associated IT support and management costs.

Why AEGIS has the best CTRM software

yes No

Ability to visualize your risk against your financial goals

yes No

Deliver daily market insights and benchmarks

yes No

Access to forward curves and historical settled curves

yes No

Create custom forward curves and underlying market
utilizing the formula engine module

yes No

Render standard-and sensitivity-adjusted MTMs

yes No

Provide insightful hedging and trading analytics

yes No

Enable scenario modeling 

yes No

Create custom forecasts and actual profiles

yes No

Create unique data hierarchy for enhanced reporting

yes No

Create custom reporting within the position reporting tool

yes No

Seamless integration of hedge data with your broader technology ecosystem via AEGIS API 

yes No

Automate trade settlements

yes No

Ability to trade and translate across multiple currencies

yes No

Manage and integrate future positions with your brokers

yes No

Full trade and audit trail workflow for a robust control environment

yes No Accounting module available for mapping to your GL account structure
yes No

Consolidate hedge details across all entities

yes No

Access within 24 hours

yes No

Unlimited users

yes No

100% Cloud-based technology with regular upgrades

yes No

Own all technology and roadmaps

yes No

Maintain SOC 1 Type 2 certifications

yes No

CFTC compliant 

Implementing the AEGIS CTRM enhanced our risk management valuation, reporting, and audit needs for our financial hedging activity. We feel that AEGIS has built an excellent platform on a modern architecture that allows us to simplify our internal processes.



CTRM Success Story
  • Commodity volatility severely hampered the ability of Senior Executives to forecast corporate-wide Earnings Per Share (EPS) accurately.
  • This CPG Company implemented and leveraged the AEGIS CTRM to quickly input broker positions, reconcile, and run risk scenarios on unhedged portions of the company’s forecasts.
  • As a result of the partnership with AEGIS, this CPG Company decreased EPS volatility and improved its hedge program results. Workflows and approval processes were also utilized across multiple departments, which aligned with Sarbanes Oxley requirements. 

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The E/CTRM solution your team will love. 

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